Lashes, Brows and Tinting

Another fave at Juicy Peach are lashes and brows, gosh, they make such a difference to a person’s face!! After completing advanced tinting and brow sculpting courses, the girls at Juicy Peach can help you achieve your dream brows…although sometimes these things take time. One of our favourite things to do is create the perfect brows but usually you will have to let them grow a little and embrace your inner wild woman before we can see what your true and unique shape should be.

As for lashes, we all know how seductive and luscious we look and feel with long, black, glossy lashes. Come in and we can help you create your dream lashes, whether it means lifting them into the perfect curl, tinting them so you don’t have to worry about wearing mascara on your tropical holiday (jelly!) or waving our magic lash extension wand to really bring out the beauty of your eyes.

Eyelash Extensions and Lift

Lash lift (creates a natural, glamouous curl to the lashes that lasts up to 6 weeks) $70
Lash Lift and lash tint $85


Brow Tinting $15
Lash Tinting $20
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint $32
Brow Tint and Shape $28
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